"A willing hands from you, will change a life forever"

"Preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, Acts 10,36"

Present Financial Needs Of New Hope India Ministries

1) Proposed Church building

Building of church $25,000.00

Lot $15,000.00 place: 80X80 sqft

Van to transport people $6,000.00

2) Children programs needs

$50.00 a month for materials

$50.00 a month room rent for nursery school

$25.00 a month nursery school resources

$30.00 a month nursery school snacks/food

3) Tailoring program needs

$3500 a year

Sewing Machine cost is : $100.00Every 2 to 3machines need a classrooms rented for instruction ($30.00 a month) and an instructor ($25.00 a month for salary).

Each classroom can have about 25 women in it.

4) Orphanage needs

$700.00 a month for 3 meals a day, education expenses

$300.00 a month rent for permanent quarters

$100.00 a month for orphanage supervisor salary

5) Women's fellowship cost

$150.00 a month for printing free Bible teachings.

6) Village ministries

$80.00 a month for transportation to and from villages

$80.00 a month for co-workers salary