"A willing hands from you, will change a life forever"

"Preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, Acts 10,36"

Lepers and their Children

In India, especially in the state of Karnataka where I reside there a lot of colonies of lepers where the are out of the cities rejected by the people with no proper care such basic amenities of life. Some of them live in hunts and some they don’t have even hunts to live in so they live on the footpaths on the road side. In the cities, they don’t have proper food to eat; Some eat one meal in a day, some go in search of food by begging from house, churches, temple mosques and some tourist sports. When it comes to medication, the Government of India has given some facilities, but because of the corruption, it the political arena the facilities which are given to the people are sold by these political leaders. As I Have surveys the State of Karnataka, there are more than ten colonies of lepers. Among these colonies I have chosen Gadag district lepers colony and I am working them right now. In this there are around 200 lepers and some they have house provided by the State Government of Karnataka and some don’t have. In this colony, lepers go out beg for food and money in order to earn their lovely hood, in order to prevent their miserable condition; we burden to reach these with Love of Christ. God has helped us to reach this helping the people who are a deprived for their food and go for begging. This has helped and prevented many from begging for food and money.

So far our Lord God has helped us to supply food and medical treatment for these lepers through the help of our Dear friends here. Now our major concern is also for their children to help them get their identity the society. The lepers have lost their identity in the society rejection and stay in outskirts of the city. But by the love of Christ they recognized identity in Christ. Because of total backwardness their children are deprived of proper education. This has become a concern for us. We are in need of help to help their kids but we are sure of the help that is from the Lord, the education nuts help these kids to get proper education to become a good education citizen of India and regm their Identity. This is just one part of the coin, the other side is also as important as education that is employment; the concern is to help them to stand on their feet. As an organization, we have prayed and planned to provide employment through tailoring classes for women that is leper’s daughters. These tailoring classes will educate them also provide a way to live. For man education plays a vital role that is through Industry training Institute in the cities, the training can help them pave the way to find a job in garage, or small companies for a better.

Orphanage: It is home for the children of lepers. The children of lepers are left as orphans in street to be for food and this sort of lepers children are in the orphanage. Right now we have 25 orphan children in our home Each child needs $30 per month. Total orphanage home need $750 in this amount orphanage rent, electricity bill, water bill, children school fee, Food are included. Please pray for these children to Grow in the Knowledge of God.

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