"A willing hands from you, will change a life forever"

"Preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, Acts 10,36"

Tailoring program/Women's FellowShip

This program is a part of the women’s fellowship of New Hope India Ministries. Though the tailoring program young women are taught to use a sewing/tailoring machine so they can support themselves and their families. The program also shares Jesus Christ, and helps the women grow in the Lord by teaching them God’s Word. Many women and their families have come to know Jesus, and have started attending church through this program. The tailoring program is very popular in the community and would grow a lot larger with financial help to buy machines, pay instructors, and rent more instruction rooms.

  • Right now, New Hope India existing 3 tailoring programs in a different villages. In future we want to start 7 more tailoring programs in a villages, were we conduct prayer fellowship every ones in a week.

    Our yearly expenditure is $3500 (including Teachers salary, room rents).

  • Please join your hands with this Tailoring Project.


My Name is Pooja. I have come from Hindu background I used to worship idols, 2 years back I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, through New Hope India Ministries I came to know about Jesus and I have attended tailoring program, their I came to know about Jesus is true living God. Now Jesus is my Lord I'm regular attending women fellowship to grow more in spiritually every Thursday. Tailoring program helped me lot to feed my 2 children and pay my children education fees.

Thank You Jesus