"A willing hands from you, will change a life forever"

"Preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, Acts 10,36"

Children Home/Youth programs

These Programs provides child care, food, clothing, and school needs such as paying fees, books, materis for needy children; especially from the slum and leper colony. New Hope feels a good education is very important for each child. The kids are taught Bible lessons and songs, and are encouraged to grow in the Lord. A few programs are listed below:

  • The childcare ministry (Nursery school) has 35 small kids in it. The parents drop their kids off in the morning with some food, and the ministry provides the rest. The kids are picked up in the evening. During the day, life skills are taught along with Bible instruction and activities.

  • Kids from the leprosy colony are taken care of through New Hope's orphanage program. The ministry is feeding and housing around 65 children every day. These children have parents who are struggling with leprosy or who have died from it. More housing, food, and education resources are needed for these kids.

  • Expenditure in a Month: $700